Two killed, four injured in RAK car collision

The accident took place on an incomplete unlit road.

Two Asian residents died in a horrific road accident late Thursday night.

The residents succumbed to their fatal injuries received in the gruesome car collision on the new ring road in Ras Al Khaimah on Thursday.

Four others, including two Emirati nationals and two Asian expatriates, were also seriously injured as two cars collided, according to a top police officer.

The central operations room of the RAK Police were alerted of the accident at 11.30pm, after which they immediately dispatched traffic police, ambulances, paramedics and rescue teams to the site.

Brigadier Dr Mohammed Saeed Al Humaidi, director general of the central operations department, RAK Police, on Friday afternoon said that the accident took place on a yet to open unlit road.

"The 46-year-old driver of the first car and the passenger sitting next to him, 32, died on the spot, while two other Asians travelling in the other car sustained minor to medium injuries."

"The 21-year-old driver of the second car, and the 39-year-old passenger sitting next to him, both Emiratis, received moderate wounds, and were rushed to the nearest hospital for treatment and medical care," he added.

"The bodies were shifted to the morgue of the hospital for burial by relatives as per procedure, while the case was referred to RAK traffic prosecution for legal action."

Brig Humaidi said that they have repetitively warned against driving on incomplete and unopened road.

"There are several warning signs on the road, which was even blocked to prevent drivers from accessing it.

"Overtaking, inattentive driving, and speeding were also blamed for the deadly accident," he stated.

"All drivers need to strictly observe traffic rules and regulations for road users' safety and theirs," the official added.

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Two killed, four injured in RAK car collision

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