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US ship accused of violating China sovereignty

Missile destroyer USS Hopper came within 12 nautical miles of Huangyan Island in the South China Sea

Chinese county bans pupils from mosques

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Some 98% of Guanghe’s 257,000 residents are ethnic minorities, many from the mostly Muslim Hui and Dongxiang groups

HK pro-independence protest leader in court

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The former head of radical group Hong Kong Indigenous, Edward Leung, 26, faces four charges

Traveller who lost bike gets big surprise in UAE

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He arrived in the UAE after travelling 103 counties, but then his motorbike went missing. Here's what Dubai Police did

China carrier group sails in Taiwan Strait

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Beijing has taken an increasingly hostile stance towards Taiwan since the election two years ago of President Tsai Ing-wen

‘Legend’ photographer still going strong at 79

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‘Once you are at a sports event, you forget who you are, I feel I am like these youngsters’

Slick fire from sunken oil tanker burns out

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Just three bodies from the tanker Sanchi’s crew of 32, composed of 30 Iranians and two Bangladeshis, have been recovered

‘China sent nuclear-powered sub to flashpoint’

Tokyo’s statement comes on the same day that China announced three of its “Coast Guard vessels conducted a patrol in territorial waters off the Diaoyu Islands”

Iranian tanker sinks engulfed in flames

The Sanchi, carrying 136,000 tonnes of light crude oil from Iran, had been in flames since colliding with the CF Crystal, a Hong Kong-registered bulk freighter, on January 6

China demolishes Christian megachurch

Its demolition began on Tuesday under ‘city-wide campaign to remove illegal buildings’