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How to shorten your husband’s lifespan

Off The Cuff news from Gulf News

For generations, women in India have never uttered their husband’s names!

Fantasies of fantastical transformations

Off The Cuff news from Gulf News

Unlike Jabba, I can grow a spine and jump on the treadmill to work up a sweat and build up those delicious endorphins that every fitness freak recognises

The lure of fridge magnets

This version of magnet therapy buoys my spirits and keeps me going until the next venture into the unknown

No more waiting

I am the type of person who, on locking a door, immediately has doubts about whether I have secured the premises properly

Whipping a column into shape

Off The Cuff news from Gulf News

Barney, reckons he’s become my whipping boy, given all the columns I’ve written about him, telling readers about his prankishness

Your looks don’t land that cool job

Indian star Amir Khan walked with a gait that showed he was supremely confident about himself and he seemed just about my height or even shorter

The art of the two-person monologue

When conversation becomes competition, we lessen our world

A green resolution in Dubai

Being a resident of a country that is at the forefront of sustainability, it takes little effort that will collectively go a long way in conservation of natural resources

The language of the rain

Off The Cuff news from Gulf News

That was the word. He covered ‘B’ with his tiny thumb and showed me the rest: ‘Rain’

Keeper of stories

Those family stories of picnics and parties, illnesses and care giving, losses and gains stayed dormant — until now

The beauty business

Nowadays weddings are mass entertainment shows with the bride and groom as the main stars and the hapless family the supporting cast

With budget deals expect budget results

Off The Cuff news from Gulf News

The advice is, ‘When in India, see an optometrist and, if time permits, book an appointment with a dentist’

School children, parents need beauty sleep

Health experts have warned that teens are being sleep-deprived by the unreasonable early hours schools start

Opening communication channels

Parents must use Reply ASAP with discretion. Misuse it and you can kiss goodbye to any chance of your child ever getting in touch!