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Sulphuric petrol sabotaging car gauges - fuel mpanies

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Elevated levels of sulphur in petrol sold in Auckland has led to inaccurate dashboard readings, fuel companies say.Photo: RNZ / Alexander Robertson

People posted on social media saying they ran out of fuel despite their fuel gauges showing a quarter tank.

Watch: Dubai cop pushes damaged car

A video showing a Dubai traffic officer pushing a damaged car out of the way has gone viral in the UAEImage Credit: ScreengrabDubai: Social media users in the UAE applauded the efforts of a Dubai policeman after footage revealed the amount of effort he puts into his job.The online video clip, which was posted on Sunday night, shows the policeman pushing a black Sport Utility Vehicle that was involved in a traffic accident.

Family fun at Taranaki radio ntrolled car club

A Taranaki radio controlled car club has gone from humble beginnings to one of the country's biggest in just four years.GRANT MATTHEW/STUFF

New Plymouth mayor Neil Holdom, left, takes a backseat to his son Xavier, 11, at the Little Forest Raceway radio controlled car club on Sunday.

Naples to Venice - 12 ways to travel via plane, shuttle, train, bus, car

1 h 25 min - 5 times a day
20€ - 29€

Napoli Centrale
5 h 5 min - 5 times a day
70€ - 110€

Napoli Centrale
3 h 35 min - every 4 hours
55€ - 85€

Bologna C.it

Naples (NAP)

One-Way approx:
EUR 30€ - 260€

Fly from Naples to Verona

(One-Way approx:EUR 30€ - 260€)

Verona (VRN)

One-Way approx:
EUR 6€

Line 199 Airport Bus from Verona - Aeroporto to Verona - Stazione Verona Porta Nuova

(One-Way approx:EUR 6€)

Verona Porta Nuova

One-Way approx:
EUR 16€ - 23€

Train from Verona Porta Nuova to Venezia S.

Uber Selling Off Its Car Leasing Business

The Associated Press
27 Dec, 2017
27 Dec, 2017

Uber has announced plans to sell their car leasing division to Fair.Engadget reports that Uber has finally managed to sell their car leasing division, Xchange Leasing, after shutting it down earlier this year.

King Salman orders house, car for bereaved father

Manama: King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud has ordered a house and a car for a Saudi man who lost his wife and six children in a horrific car accident last week.Sami Bin Mohammad Al Nami has been in a state of shock since his family perished on Tuesday in the accident in which their car collided with a heavy truck on a poorly maintained road in southwestern Saudi Arabia.

Cheap Malaga Car Hire |

5 hrs

Of the thousands of tourists who fly in each year, a significant proportion rent a car from Malaga–Costa del Sol Airport (AGP) and head off into the Spanish wilds, without ever setting foot in Malaga itself.You’ll find all the usual international car hire specialists in Malaga Airport.