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    • Country article template
    • Region article template
    • Small city article template (quick version)
    • Big city article template (quick version)
    • Huge city article template (quick version) – for cities so big that they must be broken up into districts
    • District article template (quick version) – for districts within a huge city
  • Listing templates (See, Do, Sleep etc.)
  • One-liner listings
  • Where you can stick it


  • Cooperating with Wikipedia
  • Links to Wikipedia - before links to DMOZ
    • [[Wikipedia:Title on Wikipedia]]
    • copy&paste: [[Wikipedia:]]
  • Links from Wikipedia - {{Wikivoyage}} or {{Wikivoyage|Title}}
  • Articles without Wikipedia links


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  • Deletion policy
  • Expeditions
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  • Maintenance panel
  • Namespace index
  • Syntax checks
  • Geocoding - Template:Marker (co-ords without full listing)
  • Map of all listings that have co-ords
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  • Page views, eg,
  • Articles in a category that have dead ext links, eg,

One of my early edits, probably my first, to Wellington on 5 Oct 2003. It has stood the test of time - the entire edit is still in the intro.