Dreamers reject Democrats' shutdown deal

They also said Democrats were wrong to trust assurances from Republicans on future action on immigration, and are now complicit in future deportations.A number of liberal activists said Democrats were outflanked in the fight, failing to make a good case to voters about why they were leading a filibuster that resulted in the shutdown.

Another day at work, another congressional tantrum

Both Republicans and Democrats have now thrown this particular tantrum, like children fighting over a toy, and it’s great fun only for the tantrum-throwers.The rest of us, and that includes both Democrats and Republicans, are not much amused.

New war in East Ukraine?

Well, it looks like the Deep Obama State and the neocons are going to get their new war in East Ukraine.This time it will be with American weapons killing Russians.

Donald Trump falls short of promise to spend 'a lot of money' on opioid crisis

President Trump last year pledged to spend “a lot money” on the opioid crisis but used his platform to focus on military and border-security spending instead, nudging the drug fight to the sidelines.Issued to great fanfare, the declaration has failed to pry new money out of a Congress deadlocked over an immigration debate that pushed the opioids crisis to the background.

'Common Sense Coalition' sets centrist Senate tone

Lindsey Graham, South Carolina Republican, as “Switzerland” — served as one of the meeting places for the coalition, which also included Republican Sens.The president also met with a handful of Republican senators on Monday, including Tom Cotton of Arkansas and David Perdue of Georgia, two immigration hard-liners.

Inside Facebook’s year of reckoning

Bloomberg photo by David Paul Morris SAN FRANCISCO – Mark Zuckerberg's crusade to fix Facebook this year is beginning with a startling retreat.Posts shared by family and close friends will now rank above content from news organizations and brands, Facebook said.